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This is the story of a cat named Tommy and a dog called Mishti. 

Everyone said they couldn’t be friends, because dogs and cats aren’t allowed to like each other, right? So when the sun was out, they pretended to not be friends, but as soon as the world went to sleep, they would play together and share secrets. They loved to cuddle in cozy corners.  

Mishti and Tommy were the best of friends and loved each other very much. They were happiest in each other’s company. 

This collection is a translation of their bond, made to keep your little one cozy, much like Tommy and Mishti kept each other. We’ve used organic cotton denims to make a capsule collection of jackets and jeans in our signature fun prints.

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Feature : Fabric
'Cat-dog' Aqua Blue Denim Jeans'Cat-dog' Aqua Blue Denim Jeans
'Kitty Kat' Yellow A-Line Skirt'Kitty Kat' Yellow A-Line Skirt
'In the Sky' Off-White Denim Jeans'In the Sky' Off-White Denim Jeans
upcycled'Cat-dog' Bandana'Cat-dog' Bandana
'Cat-dog' Bandana Sale priceRs. 250
upcycled'In the Sky' Bandana'In the Sky' Bandana
'In the Sky' Bandana Sale priceRs. 250
'Kitty Kat' Bandana'Kitty Kat' Bandana
'Kitty Kat' Bandana Sale priceRs. 250