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Article: Getting Candid with Kriti

Getting Candid with Kriti

Getting Candid with Kriti

While the kiddies frolicked in Miko Lolo, we caught a few moments between shots, and chatted with Kriti about what drives her, her photography style, her muses and much more.  

Miko Lolo : Where does your love for photography come from?
Kriti : The love for photography runs in our family through generations. Both, my uncle and father used to practice photography as a hobby and had a dark room too. We have a great collection of pictures of my mother when she was expecting me, and of me as a newborn baby too! I have been surrounded with cameras and pictures since childhood and that's where the whole idea of it grew on me. 

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When did you realise you wanted to pursue it as a full time career, that this was your calling?
I started photography in 2014, and after my first photoshoot I knew this is what I want to do. At that time I still wasn't sure when I would leave my full time IT job and get into it full time, but photography was THE plan! It was after my marriage that my husband encouraged me to take it more seriously and I took the final decision. 

How was the experience of your first ever professional photoshoot?
My first ever professional photoshoot was a pre-wedding shoot for my roommate. She wanted a very casual and candid photoshoot to make her 'save-the-date' invites. It was a 6 am session at Hauz Khas Village, Delhi and trust me I had cold feet! But since there was a comfort zone with the couple it went really well and we ended up having a great time and got amazing pictures. 

"The designs and colors of the fabric were too cute and vibrant so I wanted to make the final images pop with a splash of colour. I chose a park near my house which had all these swings and trees, which made it perfect for the kids. I always make sure that kids are having fun during my photoshoot, so that I am able to capture their true expressions of joy."

What is the best advice you’ve received over the years, and would like to pass on to budding photographers?
PRACTICE. No matter how much you study, read, or see online tutorials, you will never have precision unless you practice. The comfort level of you with your camera should be such that it becomes a part of your body. The settings, buttons, their functions, controls, all should be on your fingertips. This can only happen when you click more often. 

Top 3 places for an outdoor shoot in Delhi/NCR.
Delhi is full of good outdoor locations. My favourites would be Lodhi Garden, Lodhi Art District and Deer Park at Hauz Khas Village.

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A muse you’d love to shoot some day.
Norah Mittal. Norah is Vivek & Pooja's daughter and I got to know her via Instagram. Norah is a special kid with Down Syndrome, but there is nothing down about her. She has this sparkle in her eyes and the most beautiful smile in the whole world. I love watching her videos, pictures and I really wish I can click her some day. 

All your photos have a very raw, warm feeling. Walk us through the process : A BTS of what goes on in Kriti’s mind during a photoshoot.
My photography style is fun! From the very start of the photoshoot I make sure my clients are comfortable and that I create a bond with them. I wouldn't ask you to sit on a chair, make you pose and say “smile". I would rather ask you to chase or tickle each other! I like to capture the moments where you're laughing hysterically, without caring about being in front of a camera. 

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"I asked them to have fun with swings, hug trees, tickle each other, lie down on the grass and so on. We had an amazing time shooting, and the final pictures came out to be perfect, just as I had imagined!"

Any movies/photographers that have inspired you, or encouraged you to experiment when it comes to art direction or portraits?
Although my love for photography started from my father as an inspiration, later I started following other photographers' work. There are two whom I simply admire and adore. First being Sarah Krieg and second Shruti Moghe. They both have very different styles, but the one thing that is common is the realness. 

How has this year been for you, and your business?
To be honest, 2020 was pretty rough for my business (just like for everyone else). Photography is not a necessity but a luxury when it comes to the kind of service it is. I had a lot of projects lined up in March which were put on hold and then I resumed my work from July onwards. I myself was and am still paranoid about the situation and hence I came up with a new line of service 'No-Contact Lifestyle Product Photography'. Here I ask brands to send their products to me and I click them in a different natural setups, including flat lays. This not only helps my business but also the brands, as there is a no contact give and take. 

Photography : Kriti Agarwal
Follow Kriti on Instagram : @candidmemoir_photography

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