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Article: Food, Wellness & Motherhood with Ananta

Food, Wellness & Motherhood with Ananta

Food, Wellness & Motherhood with Ananta

Focussed on her top 3 loves (in no particular order) food, wellness and her 2 little boys, Ananta started blogging in 2016. She has since, developed a loyal following, who turn to her for healthy easy recipes, amongst more. We picked her brain on motherhood and her favourite recipes, while her little boys jumped around in all new Miko Lolo! Read on.

Miko Lolo : Tell us a bit about yourself, and what you do.
Ananta : You may know me from my IG based blog Bump & Babyy. I am a mommy to 2 boys (4 & 6) and on my page share snippets of my life with my boys. I have been blogging since 2016 and since then have created a 45 k strong IG family. Additionally, I co - host mommy & child exhibitions in tier 2 towns in India. 

What is a typical day in Ananta’s life like?
With this ongoing quarantine, I like sticking to my new schedule which starts with going for a morning walk with my boys. This followed by zoom schooling and working out. Mid-day onwards, I reserve for my work and evening then is spent with my kids. We wrap up early at night which allows my husband and I to Netflix for a bit.

Four words to describe motherhood.
All encompassing, frustrating, rewarding and hard work.

Avyaan wears the Bunny Hop Shirt & Aarav wears the Summer Breeze Shirt

You’re throwing a brunch, what’s on the menu?
I always like to put out nibbles which allows for long leisurely conversations. If its mexican on the menu I like to start with a loaded nachos, salsa and chips, mini tacos and maybe patata bravas. Mains accordingly can be a burrito or burrito bowl. Dessert is always something chocolate.

And who would feature on your dream guest list? 
I really am not someone who is in awe of people. What I like is conversations that flow smoothly, inspire or entertain for the night.

So many yummies & more via Ananta's Instagram (@bumpandbabyy)

What does mindful living mean to you?
To be aware and conscious of your thoughts and actions. To realise when things need to be worked upon and to always life yourself up.

A wellness trend we should try.
Gratitude. Something as small as a prayer tonight to reinforce your blessings, helps set things straigth.

What is your favourite go-to pre-workout snack?
Banana or a date. Almost always.

Your favourite places for a meal around the city.
The Table at Colaba.

What’s one recipe that your kids absolutely devourer? 
My pound cake is quite a hit.

What do you do with the boys to unwind? Do they share your love for cooking?
They love making a mess if that’s what you mean. Post dinner we generally read a book or I put on some music for a silly dance :)

Head to Ananta's Instagram Blog for easy, diy home snacks and recipes. And if you've made it this far in the article, you're lucky because she's shared her easy No Fail Pound Cake recipe for you to try at home!

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