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Article: Unwrapping Joy : A Gift Guide

Unwrapping Joy : A Gift Guide

Unwrapping Joy : A Gift Guide

Gift giving season is upon us, and picking gifts can be a tricky business (especially when the little ones are involved!). Choosing what’s right and also fits in your budget can evoke mild stress and even put you in a full blown panic mode!

We’re here to remind you what the last month of the year is for : Joy. Here’s a list of the most cheerful gifts from our favourite homegrown brands, for the toddlers and mamas and papas. Unwrap joy with the Miko Lolo Holiday Gift Guide.

🎄 “Christmas Time” by Miko Lolo

A collection of onesies and bibs for infants, in Christmas themed prints and colours : perfect for their first Christmas. Made with certified organic cotton, the fabric couldn’t get any softer! The only thing is we’re super low in stock, so we recommend picking your favourites asap so you don’t miss out.
Click here to shop
P.S. Get in touch with us if you’d like us to customise something for someone older.

 🎄 “Underneath the Tree” by Rattle & Co. 

Source : Rattle & Co

The accessories at Rattle & Co. are the opposite of what you’d call boring. We vouch for the quality of their products, which are cut, sewn, packed and shipped by underprivileged yet extremely talented team of women. Their new holiday collection has products ranging from bows, hairbands, clips, swaddles and so much more.
Check out Rattle & Co on their website and Instagram.

🎄 Christmas Hamper by Coco & Bees Co.

Source : Coco & Bees Co

With a focus on sustainability and aesthetics, the candles by Coco & Bees Co. are all handmade with food-grade beeswax (certified by Intertek, Germany) and certified oils. What better than to curl up on a cold winter night, cozy in the blanket with your loved ones, sipping hot chocolate, with the soft fragrance of a handmade candle that’ll instantly transport you into the woods, among tall trees, wildflowers and bees - Yeah, that’s what these candles will do!
They have 4 Christmas gift box options you can pick from, that come with a ceramic Christmas tree, candles, and other Christmas goodness.
Check out their Instagram page to know more.

🎄 Christmas Flash Cards by Bloomy Brain Toys 

Source : Bloomy Brain Toys

Tell us one baby who doesn’t love toys, we’ll wait. The easiest go-to for all parents, aunts, uncles, for the little ones are toys; and Bloomy Brain Toys has something for all babies from 0-6 years. They are focussed on  bringing essential learning and developmental toys that meet multiple development objectives and required brain stimulation. Our top pick would be the baby flash cards that are available in multiple themes, including Christmas! This one’s a must have for all young parents.
Head to their website to shop, or find out more on their Instagram page. 

🎄 Cookies from The Homemade Factory

Source : The Homemade Factory

We sure love some choco-chip cookies dunked in warm milk on a cold December night. And trust us when we say this, the cookies don’t get better than the one’s Pooja makes! They are deliciously rich, gooey and chocolatey made of butter and love. Our mouths are already watering, et tu?
If you’re in Kolhapur, you just got lucky, because she also does bespoke cakes, cheesecakes, and much more (and they’re all eggless!)
Get in touch with her on Instagram.

🎄 Gift cards from your favourite brands

Still unsure what to pick? Gift Cards are undoubtedly convenient and who doesn’t love picking their own gift! Get your Miko Lolo Gift Card here <3

Because the joy of giving lasts longer than the joy of receiving. Merry Christmas!

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