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Article: Shafaque, Salis, Sahar : The Family that Inspires

Shafaque, Salis, Sahar : The Family that Inspires

Shafaque, Salis, Sahar : The Family that Inspires



Instagram is full of pretty, well-curated profiles. And yet, very little of it is also kind, positive, comforting, inspiring. And real. Shafaque’s account is all of this, and more. She is out there being real on her Instagram feed, spreading mad love and positive vibes, one post at a time. 

Shafaque has come a long way, from a broken family, early motherhood, dealing with anxiety, to having her own beautiful little family of three. And that’s what we love her for. She not only championed the anxiety that comes with a troubled childhood and postpartum but is now a successful mom-blogger being unapologetically herself and delightfully radiant. 

Read on, to know a little more about the lovely 22-year-old who inspires us every day. 

Miko Lolo : Who is Shafaque? Tell us a little bit about your childhood/journey.
Shafaque : Shafaque is a simple woman who aims to inspire other women so that they can overcome their struggles and battles in life.

Born and brought up in Munger, Bihar, I was always a troublemaker. When I was 1 year old, my father disowned me. My mother married another man when I turned 6 and left me with my maternal family.

In front of the world, they portrayed an image of keeping me happy and taking care of me. While behind the closed doors I was a burden to them. They would insult me, abuse me, beat me inhumanly, and make me do all household chores. They made me clean washrooms and mop the floors. I used to feel ashamed when I ate lunch at school and my hands smelled of floor cleaner. I was made to feel that I was the problem.

When I used to go out, I wouldn't want to come back home because instead of coming home to violence I'd rather be alone. I had to live in that house forcefully because I didn't have anywhere else to go.

That long dark phase not only made me strong and independent but also altogether a different human being. Twenty-two years later I am not in contact with my family. Now I have a small and loving family of my own and I am proud of myself. 

You started supporting yourself financially at a very young age. What lessons did you learn?
1. To differentiate between my wants and needs.
2. You don't need a college degree to earn money.
3. No matter which industry you belong to, there are always options to succeed and thrive.   

Sahar wears the Meadow Tunic
"I chose this tunic because it is the perfect picnic look. I've styled it with a pair of blue capris (white shorts would be cute too), and a floppy hat. Just add sneakers and she's ready."

How did you meet Salis? Do you have a cheesy story for us?
Salis and I go a long way back. He was 3 years senior to me in school. Though he didn't know me at that time, I was a big fan of his. He used to play football and all senior and junior girls were crazy about his charismatic personality. 

When I was in class 9, I had a Facebook page where I used to pen down my poems, short stories, and articles. One day he approached me to write an article for his print magazine. From there began our friendship which later transformed into a beautiful love story.     

How was your pregnancy? Did you have any weird cravings? Tell us the weirdest one!

My pregnancy was an experience of a lifetime. I went to my doctor for a routine checkup of PCOS and came to know that I was 5 months pregnant. It came as a big surprise to us. Hahaha...

The only thing I used to crave was sweets, especially Gulab Jamun, Raj Bhog, and Kaju ki Barfi.  
Sahar wears the Inky Smudge Shift Dress

How did blogging as a career come about? How did you start?
Salis and I started a literary e-magazine in 2015 which became a big hit in the book industry. One day in 2016, a well-known fashion brand approached us on Instagram for brand collaboration. It marked the beginning of my Instagram blogging career.   

3 women you look up to / 3 IG accounts we must follow.

3 women, I look up to :
1. Brigette Lundy-Paine ( @briiiiiiiiiig )
2. Sarah Nicole Landry ( @thebirdspapaya )
3. Kaitlyn Hubert ( @kaitlyn_hubert )

What is your favourite thing to do with Sahar to unwind?
My favourite thing to do with Sahar to unwind is traveling. When we are not traveling, we indulge in lots of pretend plays. 
Sahar wears the Thunder Evening Dress

Salis’s top 3 tips for dads.
His top 3 tips for dads :
1. Always trust your child.
2. Respect your child and he/she will respect you back.
3. Spend as much time with him/her as possible. Life is short. 

How have your life experiences shaped the woman you are today?
My life experiences made me believe in myself, to trust my instincts, to respect my needs, and to be a fierce and unapologetic woman that I am today.  
How do you make sure that you tackle each day with enthusiasm?
By being myself. I am a very optimistic, energetic, adventurous, fun-loving, and carefree person by nature.  

Since you love traveling, which was your most memorable vacation yet? Give us some inside recommendations, please!
My most memorable vacation was our Jaipur trip earlier this year. I would highly recommend you to stay at Lohagarh Fort Resort at least once in your lifetime. Nestled amidst the Aravalli Hills of Kukas, Lohagarh Fort Resort is a refreshing promise of a luxury stay and picturesque natural beauty. 
And which place are you craving to visit? What’s next for the family?
We are planning to visit Kasauli first thing after this global pandemic is over. 

Shafaque's Instagram : @shafaqueeqbal
Salis's Instagram : @ceosalis


Wow. So inspiring! I always look up to you.


I do not know her personally, but I do follow her on instagram & we do share answeet bond. She does reply to my text, whichbis a very sweet gesture from a well known blogger. I do keep up with her profile & I just love the way she maintains it. It’s more real, colourful & bubbly , just like her ❤️ Now that ik your story, you are an inspiration to me Shafaque❤️ Lots of love & more power to your lady 🌸🤟🏻

Rhea Kamra

I have been following her for a long time now on Instagram and know what kind of a strong women she is. Love going through her stories which are full of positivity!

Maitreyee Gairola

Beautiful family and an inspirational story Shafaque. Keep up the positivity and creativity. Wish you all the success.


Though I know her personally, but wasn’t aware of such a audacious side of hers. More love, light and power to her.♥️


The perfect family, so inspirational. More power and love to you.


You’re an inspiration to everyone Shafaque, not just women. It takes courage, grit & determination to follow your dreams & stand up for yourself. May your beautiful little family always be blessed with health & happiness.

Shreya Musaddi

You are such an inspiration dear 🌸


Wow… Very inspiring and a great move.


Dear shafaque, Salis and baby Sahar.
You guys are living a fairy tale life and I envy you for the love that you share and the miracle bonding.
More power to your Shafaque, I truely appreciate you and all you have been through and now living this life. Cheers to all the ups and downs but no matter what you’ve proved that your living a fairy tale life there.
I wish you all the happiness.

Indira Giri

A very self made lady Shafaque. Appreciate her will power and the selfless love Salis gives her. Cute little Sahar makes a lovable trio.

Santhosh Gangadharan

Perfectly crafted interview! Kudos!!

Arun Sharma

Such an interesting story….nothing is as satisfying and fulfilling than having dreams that come true

Pranav Roy

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