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Miko Square

Who we are

Fuelled by the dream of a better world, Miko Lolo brings you and your little ones a responsible clothing option, wrapped in colourful prints, inspired by exciting themes. 

We believe healthy, breathable and chemical-free clothing is a primary step to raising an environmentally aware child, and leading an eco-friendly, non-toxic lifestyle. Our vision is to be a destination for parents and children to choose a range of products beyond apparel that supports this change.

At Miko Lolo, our mission is to involve and empower the kids of today to build a better tomorrow by teaching them the importance and responsibility of making the right choices. All while keeping alive their imagination and spirit through our storytelling, prints and brand extensions. 

We’re proudly made in India and follow an environmentally-sustainable production process, where our materials are natural, sourced ethically and our printing and dyeing processes use azo-free dyes, at GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified manufacturing units.

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