What to do with Clothes they Outgrow?

Children outgrow their clothes even faster than you can say “Miko Lolo”, almost at lightning speed. Even fitting in an outfit for more than two months feels like an achievement. On average, kids grow 3-4 inches a year! This makes it inevitable that you’ll end up with bags, drawers, and cupboards full of clothes they outgrew too soon.

“Sometimes I feel like is the only way to fully utilize the shirts I buy for Milan is buying oversized clothes that’ll maybe fit him perfectly for 2 hours!” says Chetna Ori. But the baggy style is neither comfortable for the little ones to run around in nor “trendy” currently.

Milan in the Ladybug Shirt

It blows my mind that kids go up to seven sizes on average, in their first two years. This is not only a money-draining problem (Because I know budgets get skewed all the time while shopping for the little ones. Emotions over logic when it comes to them, am I right?), but also one that causes an immense load on the environment.

While I strive to run a brand with a low carbon footprint, would it be ethical if I didn’t talk about the end of the product lifecycle? It’s almost scary to see how many kids’ clothes, many of them in good condition, are trashed annually. Imagine mountains and mountains of waste. And then to take into account the number of resources used to make a shirt, whether made sustainably or not. Anyway, I don’t want to boggle you with grim numbers.

 It’s not easy raising a child and getting everything right, or so I’ve heard! Heck, I wouldn’t even know how tough it can be, I’m not even a parent yet. But I know we, at Miko Lolo can ease out one aspect for you. A better and rewarding option to deal with Miko Lolo clothes that your kid outgrows.

Return After Use – Yes, you heard (read) that right! We’re taking back any Miko Lolo garment that your child has outgrown, and completing the “cradle-to-cradle” circle. And you’re getting green coins you can redeem on your next purchase.

Naturally, your next question would be, what is Miko Lolo going to do with the used clothes they take back? The plan is to disassemble the garments and send them to a fabric recycling unit. Here the fabrics are broken down to make new fabric, reducing the load on virgin materials. It’s a plan – one that we can only execute with your support.

I am far from running the "perfect" business, but I’m doing my best (to be transparent and ethical). Yes, we start with accepting garments only purchased from Miko Lolo. Maybe one day, soon, we’ll have the infrastructure to accept any kind of textile waste you want to discard, ensuring it goes back into a value cycle, instead of ending up in a landfill, but until then, vote with your wallet and share with those who care.

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