From the Heart

What drives the choices we make? How tough is it to make a choice? Is there a right age to make your own independent choices? I sometimes wonder, was I crazy to do this all by myself at the age of 22?! 
What started as a basic idea to be financially independent now feels so real. I mean, I have people on a payroll! People care about what I say and do. Miko Lolo is a part of so many people’s lives today. (Holyshit!) It's such a weird, yet wholesome feeling. To have my work out there, appreciated, loved. 
As time goes by, and things get more real, I’ve started to become more introspective. Starting Miko Lolo has by far been the single most challenging thing I’ve taken on - mentally, physically, emotionally (& financially, haha). And to do this by myself can sometimes become lonely. Entrepreneurship is somewhat isolating because so much of it is internal. Whether I am surrounded by my team at work or goofing around on vacation with my friends, I am always ideating, processing, and analyzing. Miko Lolo is always running at the forefront of my mind (yes, everything else takes a backseat, always). 
But. Hold on.
The world is in a weird unforeseen space today, as is every single one of us. Even though we’re isolated, we’re all still together in some way. Suddenly forced to stop the acceleration. Take a break, and re-evaluate. 
After weeks of navigating this sudden change, here’s a girl, taking it all in stride, and not just moving forward, but thriving. So here’s a titbit of feelings. A titbit of fun. A titbit of musings. And a whole lot of love. - The Miko Lolo Diary
Hope you embrace this with all the love you’ve been giving us since the beginning. Cheers to the community🥂

Bye for now,
Akansha <3

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