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only 12 leftLush Striped Cotton Casual ShirtLush Striped Cotton Casual Shirt
bestsellerJungle Bungle Printed Cotton Tiered DressJungle Bungle Printed Cotton Tiered Dress
bestsellerrestocked!I-Peel-Good Printed Cotton Tie-Up Maxi DressI-Peel-Good Printed Cotton Tie-Up Maxi Dress
bestsellerTango Tropics Printed Cotton Hawaiian ShirtTango Tropics Printed Cotton Hawaiian Shirt
only 5 leftSunset Dragon Printed Cotton Casual ShirtSunset Dragon Printed Cotton Casual Shirt
I-Peel-Good Printed Cotton PlaysuitI-Peel-Good Printed Cotton Playsuit
restocked!Papaya Printed Cotton Tie-Up Maxi DressPapaya Printed Cotton Tie-Up Maxi Dress
Jungle Bungle Printed Cotton Tie-Up Maxi DressJungle Bungle Printed Cotton Tie-Up Maxi Dress
bestsellerrestockedI-Peel-Good Printed Cotton Hawaiian ShirtI-Peel-Good Printed Cotton Hawaiian Shirt
restockedJungle Bungle Printed Cotton Hawaiian ShirtJungle Bungle Printed Cotton Hawaiian Shirt
only 5 leftJungle Gym Printed Cotton Casual ShirtJungle Gym Printed Cotton Casual Shirt
only 2 leftTango Tropics Printed Tiered DressTango Tropics Printed Tiered Dress
only 4 leftLush Striped Tie-Up Maxi DressLush Striped Tie-Up Maxi Dress
Lush Striped Tie-Up Maxi Dress Sale priceRs. 2,850
only 4 leftJungle Gym Printed Cotton Tiered DressJungle Gym Printed Cotton Tiered Dress
Jungle Bungle Printed Cotton PlaysuitJungle Bungle Printed Cotton Playsuit
Tango Tropics Printed Cotton PlaysuitTango Tropics Printed Cotton Playsuit


It’s time to dive into the vibrant and whimsy – a collection that captures the boundless imagination of childhood, and the excitement that comes with. Where every corner of the world holds a new adventure, and the simplest things sparks curiosity. That's the essence of this collection, where chaos meets creativity, and every piece tells a different story.

Fluttering birds, towering trees, playful monkeys, majestic giraffes, fierce tigers, with a chaotic splash of exotic fruits - pomegranates, dragon fruit, and, of course, bananas! The randomness allows each child to weave their narratives and find joy in the unexpected.

The silhouettes are as breezy as a warm spring day - maxi and tiered dresses for the curious queens and laid-back collared shirts for the adventurous boys. Picture your little ones twirling in carefree abandon, their imaginations running wild through fashion that mirrors their uninhibited spirit.

Buckle up for a season of laughter, play, and countless adventures - embrace the chaos and go bananas with Miko Lolo!